Collection managed by the National Alpine Regiment Association, Trieste section

Via della Geppa, 2 - Trieste
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    Type: Historic
  • Free entry
  • Opening hours: By appointment
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The Trieste Section of the National Alpine Regiment Association (ANA) opens its doors to all ANA members of Italy, but also to anyone seeking to find out about the activities of the ANA over more than a century. At the entrance to the headquarters, welcome those who come in, there is a sculpture in iron representing a mule, companion of a thousand battles. Just like those battles that the other objects on the walls of different rooms, mostly hats, helmets, uniforms, and Alpine Regiment insignia, recall. In most cases these are gifts that families have made to the Trieste section to preserve the memory of those who fought in the Regiment .


In Italy there are 4,000 ANA offices, 17 actual museums and 45 managed collections, such as the one in Trieste. One of the main activities is teaching schoolchildren.
Among the Italian cities, Trieste is one of the youngest, and this is why the Risorgimento period is particularly strongly-felt here, even though the memories preserved also derive from the latest peace-keeping missions.

Not to be missed

1. Uniforms of Italian irredentist volunteers;
2. Relics of the Fonda Savio brothers;
3. Relics referring to the Russian campaign.


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  • Tour languages: Italian
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