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Via dei Fabbri, 3 - Trieste
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    Type: Museum of society , Historic
  • Free entry
  • Opening hours: By appointment
  • Bus: 24, 30
  • Parking: pay-parking in the surrounding area


The presence of the Bonetti family, belonging to the middle class and made up of many members, each with their own peculiar interests in Trieste is attested to from the nineteenth century onwards.
In much more recent years Fulvio Madotto, husband of Maria Grazia Bonetti, the familyheir, decided to exhibit a collection of objects belonging to different family members together with others he has collected and restored.
We can find the grandmother's pepper-grinder, the iron that was heated on the stove, known as a "Sparherd" in Trieste, the old radio and television sets. All objects of daily life encased in a private apartment behind Piazza Hortis.


Entering the Piccolo Museo gives the impression of being catapulted into a collection of of objects of affection, which, for some reason, have all been gathered together in the same place. Everyone is free as to their reading of this collection.

Not to be missed

1. Trieste Salt and Tabacco seller's registration plate from the Fascist era
2. Portable Radio from 1942 in a wooden case covered with black leather.
3. Smith & Bros. Typewriter


  • Guided visit languages: Italian, English, German
  • Tour languages: Italian, English


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