Warehouse of the Winds (Bora Museum® Project)

Via Belpoggio, 9 - Trieste
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    Type: Artistic , Museum of society , Technical-scientific
  • Free entry
  • Opening hours: By appointment
  • Bus: 8, 9, 30
  • Parking: parking available along the road


Opened in 2004, more than a museum, it is a unusual space. It is the laboratory, the window of an idea: to create a Museum of the Bora and the Wind in Trieste. The bora is one of the most famous features of the city, and deserves to be celebrated in a special place that sooner or later will come into being. This site seeks to be a "museum in progress" to become familiar with the Progetto Bora Museum® project in an intimate and cozy fashion. It is a "small" museum, but one that arouses great enthusiasmin visitors who almost always come out holding a self-made pinwheel , to give satisfaction to the first gust that arrives.


The Warehouse of the Winds is a curious place where there are unexpected collections such as:
- The Archive of World Winds: a bizarre collection of twenty canned winds, a game that makes visitors into exhibitors who send in their canned winds from around the world. Whoever sends in a wind by right becomes a Wind Ambassador.
- The Museum's art collection , "a small wind tunnel" that contains relevant works of talented artists in line with the themes of the museum.
- The Archives of Silvio Polli, one of the greatest scholars of the phenomenon containing photographs, scientific publications, newspapers and scientific instruments.
- Curiosities of the bora and the wind : original findings or created ad hoc, such as the "Stendhal Window", a typical window Trieste reinterpreted with a text of the famous writer above it who defined the bora "abominable".
- Wind Documentation Centre (multimedia archive, books, audio, video) available for scholars and writers.

Not to be missed

1. The ropes placed along many streets in the city that for so many years helped passers-by to stand up even in the strongest gusts ... and we are talking about a wind that easily and often exceeds the 100 kph!
2. The objects from popular memory, or how to survive the bora: an iron in the bag or ice irons on your shoes, here called "iazini", can help a lot!
3. Wind-powered scarecrow;
4. Wind games, unexpected and fun;
5. Windmills and other wind-inspired themes.


  • Guided visit languages: Italian, English, German, French
  • Tour languages: Italian
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Disabled access
  • Relax area


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