The Ginnastica Triestina Museum

Via Ginnastica, 47 - Trieste
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    Type: Museum of society , Historic
  • Free entry
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On the first floor, after passing through the historic atrium decorated by the painter Napoleone Cozzi, the visitor climbs a 19th century flight of stairs and, next to the Secretariat, can visit the Sports Museum of the Società Ginnastica Triestina (SGT), the Trieste Gymnastics Society, located in the former Council Chamber. The Museum was created through an initiative of a couple named Viatori on 24th May 1972. Today it remains one of the oldest sports museums in the country, outlining the history of Italy’s second oldest sporting association. The Museum starts from the club’s beginnings in 1863; intertwining the history of Trieste and Italy from time to time, under the banner of sport. The displays proceed through the nine re-foundations of the Ginnastica during the years of the Austrian government; then proceeding to the period of the sporting glories of the 1920s and 1930s. The material, the result of the gifts of members, includes a rich collection of diplomas, commemorative scrolls, ancient sports equipment, club uniforms and kit, badges, coats of arms, cups and pennants. This is a story that is not only sporting, but also artistic and social. One which reveals the degree of interconnection between SGT and Trieste, and between the club and Italian history.
The society deals with numerous sports disciplines, all of which are remembered here, particularly in view of the large number of athletes winning medals at the Olympics. A full 125 athletes have competed for the national team, 25 of whom attended the Olympics winning 19 medals, one of which was gold.


The first nucleus of the current Società di Ginnastica was founded in 1863 with the original name of the Società Triestina di Ginnastica. The close bond between gymnastics and Italian irredentist political ideals was the characteristic of this early era when Trieste was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the first few decades, the society was closed down by the authorities several times and reopened by members with small variations in its name until 1915 when the headquarters was blown up. Much was lost, but fortunately the most important memorabilia were saved and formed the basis of an exhibition in 1953, and then in 1972 the museum was opened using the donations of many memorabilia held by members.

Not to be missed

1. Club banner, inaugurated in 1868 and donated to the Municipality of Trieste in 1919 and now returned to its original location, it consists of a steel halberd on a red background, with two blue, embroidered festoons bearing the first motto of the SGT, "Mente Sana in Corpo Sano" (“A Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind”), and the name of the club’s second refoundation, under the title of "Associazione Triestina di Ginnastica " (Trieste Gymnastics Association).
2. Painting by Lorenzo Gatteri depicting the inauguration of the Società Ginnastica Triestina standard, at a Trieste theatre, the Mauroner, since demolished.
3. Ladies Trophy, an Art Nouveau masterpiece won by the Nautical section of the Ginnastica Triestina with three consecutive regattas between 1890 and 1892 and created by the carver of the House of Savoy.


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