A glance from the coast 1914-1918 - Dolina during the First World War

Bagnoli, 74 Bagnoli - San Dorligo della Valle
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The collection gathers together a large number of memories, uniforms, postcards, photographs of people in the area and allows the retelling in a different fashion of the world of yesterday as our "grandparents" knew it. It is a story retold through the knowledge of a most disparate collection of objects, both military and civil, of what the army was all about and in which, with few exceptions, our ancestors served. A story turned over and not yet thoroughly investigated for many particular units but revisited and told through the collections.


The collections relate to the history of the subjects of the Austrian Littoral, called up for military service in both peace and war, while not neglecting the problem of the status of refugees in 1915 - 1917. The material is entirely owned by the curator, Roberto Todero, and is in very good condition and includes uniforms and equipment capable of bringing back the atmosphere of an era accompanied by personal items necessary for everyday life. Special collections include: propaganda postcards, vintage photographs, war games for children at the time, military-related items and the role of animals, especially dogs, in war. There is a wide range of documents, regulations and testimonials

Not to be missed

For the first year of war (1914) the personal trunk of a 97th Infantry Regiment soldier, whose recruitment area was the Littoral;
For the second (1915) the diary of a wartime doghandler;
For the third (1916) military skis with Bilgeri attachments;
For the fourth (1917) the cartridge case of a 30.5 cm Skoda mortar;
For the fifth (1918) the commemorative painting for the fallen of the Municipality of Dolina.


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